Dental Insurance

Living well starts with a healthy smile

Both of our Dental options provide access to the Careington Maximum Care Dental Network, a national
network of over 200,000¹ dental practices.² Visit network dentists to save an average of 42% on dental care.

Dental PPO Plan

A plan to help you pay for the dental care you need

Looking for an easy way to improve your personal health? Of course you are.
You always want to find ways to live a happier, healthier life. And an easy way
to improve your health is by taking care of your teeth.

Our Dental PPO Plan:

Offers three different benefit levels to choose from, helping you find the plan that best fits your needs and budget

Doesn’t require a waiting period for preventive care — such as evaluations, examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments and x-rays — helping you get the coverage you need, right away

Provides network discounts on all services, including basic and major services needed during the plan’s waiting period³

1According to the CareLynx Application system as of June 2014

2Dental practices” is a combination of dentists and the locations in which they practice

3Plan does not pay benefits during the waiting period except for preventive care. Network discount applies to all services even if the services are received during the waiting period

How to use our Dental PPO plan:

How does our Dental PPO plan pay benefits? Let’s do some math.

The average price of a Composite filling is $201.⁴
If you use a Careington Network dentist, you
can reduce that cost to $101. Once your Dental
PPO Essentials Plus plan pays benefits, you are
responsible for the remaining $65.30.

  • Estimated treatment cost:


  • Cost with Network Discount:


  • Dental PPO plan paid:


  • Total cost to you, including
    your annual $50 deductible:


Your Dental benefit and network discount reduced the cost of your dental care by 70% — turning a
big expense into a much smaller, more manageable cost for the care you need.⁶

4 Example provided for illustration purposes only.

5 These fees represent the average of the assigned Careington Care Series, Care Platinum Series & DenteMax fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas. Prices subject to change.

6 Example claim amount is based on 2016 National General Accident & Health Dental claims. Actual costs may vary.

Dental Indemnity Plan

A plan providing cash benefits to help you pay for dental care.

Our Dental Indemnity plan pays cash benefits when you have dental checkups and treatments, helping you catch small problems before they become big expenses.

Our Dental Indemnity plan:

Provides set benefits that pay for preventive care and covered treatments — available for you, ¹ your spouse and any dependent children

Offers the option to add our Network Savings Card to help you save on Dental and Vision care

Has no waiting period. Your benefits are available on your plan’s effective date

1 Coverage available in most states through age 70 at purchase; through age 64 at purchase in MD, MA, NJ, NC, OH, SD and UT.

How to use our Dental Indemnity Plan:

Our Dental Indemnity plan works differently than other insurance plans. Let’s say you need a Major dental service, like a crown. A crown is covered under our Plus level plan.²

The average price of getting a crown is
$1,068.³ Yeah, not fun. But, if you combine our
Plus plan with our Network Savings Card, you
can significantly reduce this cost and save
your bank account from financial shock.

  • Treatment cost:


  • Total with Network Discount:


  • Dental Plan benefit


  • Total cost to you:


Your Dental benefit and network discount would save you $797⁵ on the crown. Now that’s something
to smile about.

2 Benefit example uses benefit amounts from a Plus level plan on its second year


4 These fees represent the average of the assigned Maximum Care (DN14) fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas

5 Example provided for illustration purposes only.